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Stereotaxy is a very high precision procedure based on Cartesian coordinates X, Y and Z. For the procedure to be performed it is necessary to fix an stereotaxy arch in the patient. There are different types of stereotaxy systems. In Brazil, one of the most used models is from the Micromar brand, a model developed with the help of Prof. Dr. Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira, the Aimsystem Stereotaxic System TM03B. Other traditional models used around the world are those of the brand Inomed ZD, Riechter-Moundinger, Leksell, Talairach, among other models.

The main advantage of the Stereotaxic System is to allow millimetrical precision in the brain incision. With more than 35 years of know-how in neurosurgery, Micromar was the pioneer company in Stereotaxy in Latin America.

We offer, in addition to the Aimsystem, our Stereotactic System, a complete range of Cannulas and Electrodes for Stereotactic Procedures such as Biopsy, drainage of cysts and hematomas, guided surgery, brain injury, uni or bilateral deep electrode implantation (DBS), catheter and probe implantation, in addition to kits for integration with neuroendoscopy and microregister (Micromar Stereotaxis cannulas and electrodes are valid for 4 years)


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