Cranial Stabilization System
Headfix HF03B.
Complete, intuitive and versatile.

Cranial Fixator Headfix HF03B

The Skull Clamp Headfix HF03B has a modern design and a new usability experience. Innovating with smart solutions and intuitive adjustments that provide freedom of movement for any surgical need.

Its quick fixation and smoothness of movement make the Headfix HF03B a complete and indispensable equipment in the operating room.

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One hand Lock

Positioning the patient has never been so practical! Using the pioneering new opening device, the safety lock can be activated and the fixation arm can be released with just one hand, giving the physician greater autonomy to make adjustments and providing greater head stability during fixation.


Adult and Pediatric Pins

The Skull Clamp exclusive semi-arch allows the placement of adult and pediatric pins, with no need for additional accessories or to replace components to execute different tasks.

Force Viewer and Charge Limite

Innovative on cranial fixation market, the device clearly indicates the force applied to the patient’s head and can simultaneously be read in Newtons (from 0 to 360N) and in Pounds (from 0 to 80 Lbs).


Quick Lock Lever

The Cranial Stabilization Lock lever has a practical and safety internal disengagement device that rapidly locks and unlocks the system’s lower and upper articulations. The new lever provides safety while preventing accidental openings.

New Allen Key

Adaptation of its base for different surgical tables is done using a tool integrated into the system: a smart solution, which provides practicability to the medical team and also prevents loss of adjustment parts.


New adjustable base

The Headfix Cranial Fixation System base is adjustable, as a result of the ability to choose the angle and distance between its stems. This means that its base is compatible with the market’s chief tables, without the need for additional accessories and avoiding inconveniences while fitting the equipment to the surgical table.

Get to know our equipment accessories.

The Headfix has exclusive accessories especially aimed at ensuring maximum comfort for the patient and safety for the neurosurgeon.

See how all these attributes together will make an easier routine for the doctor!

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