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Cranial fixation is essential for neurosurgical procedures, in which intraoperative precision depends on reference stability fixed to the patient’s head.

The role of the Skull Fixator is to provide stabilization of the skull for better access to intracranial or cervical spine injuries, immobilizing the main structures in order to provide greater precision in the delicate procedures of drilling, opening, removing and repairing the skull, highlighted with the techniques more usual.

Micromar has one of the best-selling Skull Clamps (Mayfield type) in all of Latin America, the HeadFix HF02B Cranial Fixator, which helps neurosurgeons in these types of procedures, rigidly immobilizing the skull or spine to the operating table, keeping the patient stable throughout the surgical procedure. The Headfix HF02B Cranial Stabilization System is made of anodized aluminum, and provides greater safety and ease to position the patient in neurosurgical procedures in the sitting, supine (supine) and prone (prone) positions.

In addition to the Headfix HF02B, Micromar innovated and brought to the market a new usability for cranial fixators. With numerous safety mechanisms and a wide range of accessories already incorporated into the equipment, the cranial fixation system (Mayfield type) HeadFix HF03B is an innovative equipment that makes all the difference within the operating room.

To ensure an effective and safe fixation, Micromar also offers disposable pins for cranial fixation. Made of stainless steel, titanium or aluminum, Micromar cranial fixation pins have an angled tip, with greater mechanical resistance.

We offer reusable and disposable pins. The great advantage of using disposable pins is the reduction in the risk of cross-contamination in the surgical environment, since they are for single use.

Headfix HF03B

Headfix HF02B

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