Millimetric precision and versatility.

Precise and minimally invasive

The Aimsystem Stereotactic System TM03B, through the principle of Cartesian coordinates (X, Y and Z), reaches targets calculated with great precision. It is an isocentric equipment, and the neurosurgeon is responsible for choosing the entry point. It allows direct fixation (with 3 or 4 screws) or with extension bars, in addition to the curved segment that provides freedom to intubated patients. The system allows several approaches, such as lateral, caudal, transphenoidal skull and posterior fossa.


All directions lead to the target

The Stereotactic Aimsystem is an isocentric device that allows to approach all regions of the skull without restrictions, from the brain stem to the vertex. Performs lateral (left and right), anterior, posterior, temporal, posterior or transphenoidal fossa approach, always offering maximum flexibility to your procedures.

Curved segment with the extension bars

The combined use of the curved segment with the extension bars allows the patient intubation.

Frontal Segment A

With this item it is possible to use the extension posts for cranial fixation with only 3 points. Its frontal opening allows the patient intubation, as well as offering a wider area for frontal approach, without production of artifact in the image.

Centralized aiming system

When passing the coordinates to the Stereotactic Aimsystem, the surgeon can check the exact position of the instrument, which guarantees maximum precision in the surgeries.


Exclusive Twin Tray system

The stereotactic procedure is made up of two periods: pre-operative and intraoperative. This exclusive system of trays comes with logic organization which contemplates these two stages and allows the necessary components for cranial fixation to be manipulated independently from the items which will be used in the surgical phase of the procedure.

O.R. Tray

Set made for carrying out stereotactic procedures in the operating room.

Fixation Tray

Set for fixing the frame on the patient’s head.

Accessories that make a difference

Aimsystem has a range of accessories that make the system even more complete.

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