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Trepanation or craniotomy is a surgical procedure that consists of drilling the skull, until reaching the dura mater, and consequent removal of a piece of bone. Cranial trepanation is mainly done to decompress the brain or to access areas of interest to the neurosurgeon.

Various neurosurgical procedures can be performed through a burr hole, such as endoscopic ventriculostomy, drainage of subdural hematomas, neurosurgical workup, microvascular decompression, stereotaxic surgeries, etc. The cranial trepanation hole is made with a surgical drill, normally with auto-stopping mechanism.

Micromar, after years of intense research and development work, used all the tradition and know-how in neurosurgery to develop EasyDrill Cranial Perforator. The quality and efficiency that EasyDrill Micromar Cranial Trepanation Drill offer, made the largest medical company in the world, Medtronic, become our official distributor in the rest of the world, which places the EasyDrill among the 3 best selling neurosurgical drills in the United States, alongside main brands Codman and Acra-Cut.