Cannulas and electrodes for pain treatment

Radiofrequency Sets

Micromar offers several radiofrequency cannulas and electrodes, all developed to assist in several minimally invasive procedures for pain treatment, movement and behavioral disorders as: Brain Lesion Guided by Stereotaxy with Body Guide (DBS), Brain Lesion, Lumbar Disc Decompression, Facet and Trigeminal Rhizotomy.

Check the descriptive catalogue of Radiofrequency sets and get more information about them.


Product with 4 year of validity

Cannula length

Micromar offers cannulas with 03 different lengths, to meet the most varied situations of the neurosurgeon’s surgical routine.

Tip length and shape

Micromar cannulas have different types and lengths of their exposed tips. See each of them below:

**Curved tip available in 1 model. Check dimensions on catalogue.


The cannulas have two different diameters, distinguished by colors to make easier their identification. See each below.

Electrodes Length

Micromar electrodes have 07 different sizes – 50, 80, 100, 110, 150, 221 and 245mm – which vary according to the requested cannula.

Brain Lesion

We also have brain lesion electrodes for functional surgery procedures.

* There are other options of exposed tip/ dimensions for specific applications. See the catalogue for more complete information.
* Check availability in your area. Images are for illustration purposes only.

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