Radiofrequency Generator

The Micromar Digital Radiofrequency Generator was developed to meet several needs of minimally invasive surgical techniques.

In addition to integrating the most advanced technologies, accuracy and portability, the equipment has a colored digital display of 6.4 inches, which allows for an easy visualization of its functions and the intuitive control of all operations and parameters. The navigation buttons enable quick access to the functions through touch.

The system operates with Continuous and Pulsed Radiofrequency in one equipment, expanding the field of applications. In addition, the accurate control of impedance and stimulation offers more safety to the procedure, avoiding lesions on unwanted regions.

The lesion mode offers automatic or manual power control, facilitating the operation, as well as a self-test feature which enables the automatic verification of the device's functionalities before each procedure, making the intervention much safer.

The equipment also has an intelligent system of electrode recognition facilitating the use during surgical procedures.

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Micromar has a broad line of cannulas and electrodes for the performance of procedures such as Facet Rhizotomy, Trigeminal Rhizotomy, Brain or Intradiscal Lesions, Cordotomy, DREZ, Trigeminal Nucleotractotomy, Hypophysectomy, Cordotomy, Myelotomy, Morton's Neuroma and Osteoid Osteoma. Please refer to the descriptive catalogue of Radiofrequency Sets, which is available on the sidebar, for more information and details about the products.

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